Storage Capacity: 0
Pumping Capacity: 2,000,000
Peak Consumption: 1,100,000
Surplus Capacity: 700,000

Walnut Hill Telephone Company

Sewer System
Capacity: 240,000
Peak Sewer Treatment: 180,000
Surplus Capacity: 60,000

AEP-Southwestern Electric Power Company
Transmission Voltages: 0
City Primary Voltages: 0
Service Voltages Available: 0

Natural Gas
CenterPoint Energy
Source: Integrated system
Heat Value: 1,000



  • Mainline – Kiamichi Railroad Company
Days Transit Time To:
Chicago 4
Dallas 2
Kansas City 2
Los Angeles 5
New York 6
St. Louis 3

Motor Freight Carriers
There are approximately three motor freight carriers that service the Foreman area.

Days Transit Time To:
Chicago 2
Dallas 1
Kansas City 2
Los Angeles 4
New York 4
St. Louis 2

Airport Facilities
Texarkana Regional Airport-Webb Field, 40 miles

Navigable Waterways

Camden, 95 miles


  • Interstate 30
  • State 102
  • State 32
  • State 41


Community Services

Government: Mayor-Council

Planning and Zoning – No

Hospitals: 0
Beds: 0
Physicians and Surgeons: 0
Clinics: 0
Little River Memorial Hospital at Ashdown is 18 miles southeast.

Police Protection
Number of Officers: 3
Equipment: 3

Fire Protection
Number of Paid Fire Fighters: 0
Number of Volunteer Fire Fighters: 18
Equipment: 4
Fire Insurance Rating: 7


Foreman in Little River County is in the southwest region of the state.

City 1,125
County 13,628
Metro 0
Source: U.S. Census, 2000
Rate Based Mileage and Direction to Major Cities
Atlanta 655 Miles E
Chicago 777 Miles NE
Dallas 182 Miles SW
Little Rock 156 Miles NE
Memphis 308 Miles NE
New Orleans 426 Miles SE
New York 1370 Miles NE
St. Louis 490 Miles NE
Tulsa 200 Miles NW

New Rocky Comfort Museum

New Rocky Comfort Museum

Built in Foreman in 1902 as a jailhouse using the “stacked board” method of construction, this museum is full of local history and artifacts.

The museum housed in the old jail (whose first inmate was the man who built it), memorializes local events, families and characters.

Stop by sometime and learn a little about our history.

The museum is located at 3rd & Schuman.  For more information call 870-542-7887.