The city of Foreman maintains a water and sewer system for the community. For more information on how to acquire these services contact Theresa Woods at 870-542-6234. Or contact the water department located in City Hall at 209 Schuman Street.

Other utilites are provided by outside companies. For information on these utitlies contact the appropriate company below. If you have a question that is not covered by one of these companies, please call City Hall at 870-542-7434 and ask for Mike Cranford and he can address your concerns.

Southwestern Electric Power Company
P.O. Box 24404
Canton, OH 44701-4404
888-216-3523 or visit us online at www.swepco.com

Walnut Hill Telephone
P.O. Box 729, 120 East First Street
Lewisville AR 71845
800-255-1975 or visit us online at www.WalnutHillTel.com

CenterPoint Energy
P.O. Box 4583
Houston, Texas 77210-4583
800-992-7552 or visit us online at www.centerpointenergy.com

For water service outside the city limits contact:

Little River RDA Water Office
107 S Madden St
Foreman, AR 71836