The City of Foreman maintains a water and sewer system for the community.  For more information on how to acquire these services contact Foreman Municipal Waterworks at (870) 542-6234.  The Water department is located inside Foreman City Hall at 209 Schuman Street.

Other utilities are provided by outside companies.  For information on these utilities contact the appropriate company below.  I you have a question that is not covered by one of these companies, please call City Hall at (870) 542-7434.

Southwestern Electric Power Company
P.O. Box 24404
Canton, OH 44701-4404
888-216-3523 or visit us online at www.swepco.com

Walnut Hill Telephone
P.O. Box 729, 120 East First Street
Lewisville AR 71845
800-255-1975 or visit us online at www.WalnutHillTel.com

CenterPoint Energy
P.O. Box 4583
Houston, Texas 77210-4583
800-992-7552 or visit us online at www.centerpointenergy.com

For water service outside the city limits contact:

Little River RDA Water Office

2895 Highway 32 W
Foreman, AR  71836
(870) 542-7701