Parks and Recreation

Foreman maintains a public use park with multiple amenities including playground equipment, pavilion and Bar-B-Que grills.  Centrally located, the city park is a convenient meeting place and recreation area for residents and visitors alike.

The park is available anytime, but use of the pavilion should be scheduled to ensure availability during your event.  To make pavilion reservations, please contact City Hall.

The city encourages everyone to enjoy the park while reminding users to tread lightly.  Remember to be courteous and respectful of other park visitors and always clean up any litter left after your activities.  This includes cleaning Bar-B-Que grills after use. 

Park facilities are overseen by the Foreman Parks and Recreation committee.  This committee is appointed regularly by the City Council.  For questions or comments, please contact Foreman Parks & Recreation Director Theresa Woods at PO Box 10, Foreman, AR  870-542-6234

People love our parks!  Let’s keep it that way!