Fire and Rescue

Foreman's Fire and Rescue Department stands ready for any emergency.

The Foreman Volunteer Fire Department is a fully-equipped operation providing fire protection and rescue services to the community of Foreman and the surrounding area. Foreman maintains 3 fire engines as well as rescue vehicles.  The main station is located at 203 S HWY 41, Foreman – (870) 542-7200.  The department features the latest in fire and rescue equipment.

The Foreman Fire Department Officers are:

  • Chief – Whit Hinton
  • Asst. Chief – Justin Roden
  • 1st Captain – Nat Bearden
  • 2nd Captain – Matt Hadaway
  • Fire Marshal – Cal Young

If you have an emergency to report, please call 911.

Foreman Fire & Rescue
503 1st Ave, Foreman

(870) 542-7200 or



City Hall

Foreman City Hall is the hub of city operations and houses offices for the city secretary, treasusrer and mayor.  It also serves as the seat for all city council meetings and other official business. The City Hall is centrally located at 209 Schuman St. and is open normal business hours Moday through Friday 9am to 4pm. It is closed from 12 to 1 for lunch and on all government holidays.

We welcome your interests and encourage open communication between all citizens and City Hall officials. We’re here to serve you. In addition, our offices are often made aware of opportunities for citizen involvement or have need of volunteers for specific community projects. To find out more or learn where you can get involved, contact City Hall.

City Hall
209 Schuman St.
Foreman, AR 71836
(870) 542-7434

Parks and Recreation

The city park is a favorite destination of adults and children alike.

Foreman maintains a public use park with multiple amenities including playground equipment, pavilion and Bar-B-Que grills.  Centrally located, the city park is a convenient meeting place and recreation area for residents and visitors alike.

The park is available anytime, but use of the pavilion should be scheduled to ensure availability during your event.  To make pavilion reservations, please contact City Hall.

The city encourages everyone to enjoy the park while reminding users to tread lightly.  Remember to be courteous and respectful of other park visitors and always clean up any litter left after your activities.  This includes cleaning Bar-B-Que grills after use. 

Park facilities are overseen by the Foreman Parks and Recreation committee.  This committee is appointed regularly by the City Council.  For questions or comments, please contact Foreman Parks & Recreation Director Theresa Woods at PO Box 10, Foreman, AR  870-542-6234

People love our parks!  Let’s keep it that way!


The city of Foreman maintains a water and sewer system for the community. For more information on how to acquire these services contact Theresa Woods at 870-542-6234. Or contact the water department located in City Hall at 209 Schuman Street.

Other utilites are provided by outside companies. For information on these utitlies contact the appropriate company below. If you have a question that is not covered by one of these companies, please call City Hall at 870-542-7434 and ask for Mike Cranford and he can address your concerns.

Southwestern Electric Power Company
P.O. Box 24404
Canton, OH 44701-4404
888-216-3523 or visit us online at

Walnut Hill Telephone
P.O. Box 729, 120 East First Street
Lewisville AR 71845
800-255-1975 or visit us online at

CenterPoint Energy
P.O. Box 4583
Houston, Texas 77210-4583
800-992-7552 or visit us online at

For water service outside the city limits contact:

Little River RDA Water Office
107 S Madden St
Foreman, AR 71836


Foreman police officers with patrol cars

The Foreman Police Department has the responsibility to protect and serve the citizens of the community in a professional manner. Police headquarters are located at 503 1st Avenue.

In the event of an emergency please dial 911 or call the dispatcher directly at (870) 542-7222‎. Dispatchers are on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week to respond to any law enforcement matter.

For general information, call (870) 542-7602‎.

The staff of the Foreman Police Department includes:

  • Marshal – Alex Mathis
  • Deputy – Gina Butler
  • Deputy – Chris Snider