Downtown ForemanWhile you’re in town, be sure to take time to stroll through Foreman’s downtown, where there’s no fast lane and window shopping is a local pastime.

Tucked in the middle of Little River County, this little haven is full of history. Every shop has a story all its own, and the record of Foreman’s past is preserved in each one of the buildings that line the streets.

Meander through the old shops that have been around since long ago and experience the kind of warm, friendly folks and relaxed atmosphere that you’ll never find at a big box retailer. No fighting traffic. No crowds or loud music. No pushy salespeople. And no gimmicks guaranteed to make you buy something. Just the simple, hard-working men and women that call Foreman’s main street home. Spend a day downtown. The only thing we guarantee you’ll go home with is a smile!

Foremandiscover a simpler life!