If Foreman had an official color

Across our great country, different places are known for different things.  Chicago is the ‘Windy City’. New York is the ‘Big Apple’. San Fransisco has the Golden Gate Bridge, and Memphis has the Blues. Even Vegas has all those lights and… er, well we won’t get into what all Vegas has.

But the point is, most every place, whether big or small, is known for something. And Foreman is no different. We’re about as natural as the ‘Natural State’ comes.

We’re surrounded by clean running rivers, mile after mile of wide open fields, roads lined with trees, and we’re situated right in the heart of some of Southwest Arkansas’ most scenic countryside. If Foreman had an official color, it’d have to be green.

With Ouachita Mountain National Forest to the north, Millwood Lake to the east, a world-class fishing and hunting resort close by, a river on both sides and lots of pristine land in between, Foreman offers a healthy dose of nature in all it’s glory. We may not be Irish, but we are green! And the folks are the friendliest you’ll find anywhere.

So, if you’ve got a hankerin’ to get away from the asphalt jungle of the big city, take in a little bit of country in Foreman. We’re easy to find. Just look for the green sign.