Citizens of Foreman

Dear Citizens,
On this date of April, 25, 1995, the citizens of Foreman passed a 1% sales tax. 1/2% of the tax was allocated to maintaining some city services such as the fire department, police, parks, museum, and library. The remaining 1/2% of the tax was to be utilized for Industrial Development. These Industrial Development funds are restricted to be used solely for efforts to promote and encourage growth and new businesses in Foreman, which the city has done when possible. However, as you know there are so many other needs in Foreman and very little funds to take care of these.

Therefore the city government of Foreman is asking the voters to approve a REALLOCATION (not an increase) of the 1/2% sales tax approved for Industrial Development to be used ALSO for improve­ments and repairs to city streets, sanitation, water, wastewater, and economic development in the fu­ture. This Reallocation of these funds will allow for a broader use of the funds than what we can present­ly use the funds for under the law.

This is not an additional tax nor a new tax. We are only requesting approval to utilize the funds in other ways which will also benefit you and the City of Foreman and be approved by law by the State of Arkansas.

This in NOT an increase in your taxes.

A YES VOTE for the REALLOCATION of the 1/2% of one percent sales tax will allow the city to utilize the funds for such things as repair and maintenance of the city streets, improvements and maintain services such as sanitation, water, wastewater, parks, and economic development.



Thank You

City of Government of Foreman

Click the attachment below for the official city letter.