Attention Citizens of Foreman

Beginning April 1, 2019, the City of Foreman will start its own Sanitation Department and will begin picking up the trash for the residents within the city limits of Foreman.

There will be no price increase.   Residential customers will still pay $14.00 per month per household.  Commercial customers cost will not change from what they are currently paying.  The City will not increase the price for trash service unless there are circumstances beyond our control such as fuel price increases and/or wage increases that force the city to do so.

Along with this change we are making some improvements.  The City of Foreman will supply each residential customer with a 96 gallon Toter trash can.  This should eliminate animals and etc. from scattering your garbage. In the event the 96 gallon container is insufficient for your needs, the city will provide a second can.  

We are expecting the 96 gallon Toter cans to be delivered by April 8th.  Until the cans are issued to the residents, please continue to place your bagged garbage at curbside and the city Sanitation Dept. will pick up on Tuesday and Friday.  Once the 96 gallon cans are delivered, the Sanitation Dept. will issue the cans to the residents. Each can has a serial number which will be tied back to each residential address.  The cans should not be removed from the residential address. Residents will be charged $70 for each replacement can.  Once all cans are in place, the Sanitation Dept. will pick up residential garbage weekly on Wednesday.  Please have trash cans out by the curb by 7a.m. on that day.  Commercial customers with dumpsters will be given a new dumpster and the service will continue to be picked up twice a week on Tuesday and Friday.

Another great service the Sanitation Dept. will be providing is Class 4 pick up once a month.  Call (870) 542-6234 to schedule your pick up. We will need your address, description of items to be picked up, and items must be set out by the road.

Again, residents are still paying the same rate but with some great improvements!  The City of Foreman Sanitation Dept. asks for your patience as we embark on this new endeavor.  Should you have any questions or concerns contact numbers are below:

Mayor Bill Harp – 870-542-6050 office

870-648-9464 cell

Water Dept. 870-542-6234 office

City Hall 870-542-7434 office